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Begun as the title of a two page newsletter in 2010, Eden Escapades, for me, has grown to a concept for life.  In 2000, I moved from southeastern Massachusetts to Mount Desert Island (MDI), Maine.  Bar Harbor is the best known village on MDI.  Its original name was Eden.  As the original newsletter was what was occurring in my life, Eden Escapades (EE) was a natural choice.

For my regular readers, no, I won’t stop publishing the two sided snail mail newsletter for I adore its traditionalism.  And, I know, the Somesville Post Office on Mount Desert Island appreciates that I shop there for stamps.

The launch of EE was on a winter’s night in 2010.  The Adult Ed class on creative writing I wished to attend was cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.  Five students were the minimum.  I don’t know how many actually enrolled but I know at least one!  Was it really possible there weren’t four others in the area who wanted to learn to write?

So, on a cold Maine winter night, in bed, laptop plugged into an extension cord for extended battery life, EE was launched.  I sent that original issue to a handful of people.  Over the years, the list has grown as readers encourage me to continue writing.

Several people have asked that I publish online or via email but the fun of EE is the actual creation of the paper version and the mailing.  This site gives me the space to expand the stories and include more pictures.

And just like EE, who knows where this site might lead in the future.

Thanks for visiting, please enjoy and send feedback to comments@edenescapades.com




Annular Eclipse 2012, Cedar Breaks, UT
My new truck
Coyotes, Antelope Island, UT
Mickey Mouse Cactus, Canyonlands, UT



Site Disclaimer

As I’m just getting this website going and heading to Canyonlands the day after this site goes live, I know there are many holes in it and the pages are pretty sparse.  For example, none of the social media links actually work.  One, because I’m not a social media type of girl and two, because I haven’t played with the buttons at all. 

I have tested that you can email to comments@edenescapades.com so feel free to poke at the site and poke at me.

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