Arrived in Canyonlands on Saturday and it is as spectacular as I remember.  Checked in and settled in my housing 8B-5.  Such a government number.  Wonderful space, three bedrooms, two baths, good size living room, dining area and kitchen.  Catch sunrise out the back and from my bedroom window, catch sunset out the front.  Quiet, quiet, quiet and dark, dark skies.

Jim and I hiked a few trails Saturday and Sunday.  Took in Mesa Arch, Aztec Butte which has a 700+ year old granary as well, Upheaval Dome, Grand Point Rim walk, Orange Cliffs Overlook, White Rim Overlook.  Like a quick tour of a wondrous place.  Cooked a couple of meals and made a list of things needed for the kitchen!  

Headed into Moab this morning for some shopping. It’s beautiful mid 50’s today. Actually an easy ride and passed Arches NP on the way.  Needed sheets as the twin bed is actually a double–not a bad thing.  I had planned to just use my sleeping bag but thought better of that idea.  Picked up a cheese grater–Italians must have cheese graters.  There’s a Kroger’s in town and got some food to round out what I have.  Turns out they have frozen Italian green beans!  Now, that might not mean much to you but it’s been 10 years since I’ve had them and they are a favorite.  I’m always checking grocery stores for them.  Seeing them was almost as good as seeing Canyonlands.  No wait, that doesn’t even make sense to me!

A wonderful gentlemen Ed Nettle, long retired, stopped me in the Kroger’s lot because he saw my Maine plate.  We had a nice chat as he’s been to Acadia.  He’s traveled all 50 states.  He moved here about seven years ago from Flagstaff after retiring from California.  He says there’s plenty to do especially Spring and Fall.  His son Andy lives here and was previously a ranger in Canyonlands and Arches.  Andy owns the local bookstore Back of Beyond Books.  I’ll stop in on my way back and say hi.  Such a small world!

I’m dashing off this post in the Moab Library but need to scoot to get groceries back to my place–forgot to bring my cooler! 

Last minute runaround before Canyonlands

Well, the site stayed up, doesn’t seem to have many broken parts and the blog works!  Yippee!  Leaving for Canyonlands early Saturday morning (it’s about four hours from SLC) so running down the list of things to finish up.  Baked four loaves of bread–two whole wheat, two anadama.  Two go to Canyonlands, two stay in SLC.  I expect I’ll be going back and forth on my days off but trying not to get ahead of myself.  

Jim is heading down with me Saturday morning.  As my roommates–Bobby and Michelle–aren’t there yet so Jim is spending the night.  He hasn’t been to the I-Sky section of Canyonlands yet so exciting to be sharing it with him.

Canyonlands is about 45 minutes from Moab.  This is not the type of place you just run down the road to get milk! 

Got my brown pants and brown belt.  NPS will give me an official shirt and cap.  Got my new hiking shoes.  Got some neat rain gear, just in case.  Got Jim’s camera as I left mine in Maine.  Got some books from the library.   I’ll be looking forward to entertaining myself a lot including star gazing, evening walks, reading, puzzling and a bit of cooking.  Packed some basics for the first week or so…  got flour, sugar, spices, herbs, eggs, milk and bread!

Starting a new adventure

Always curious, always wanting to learn, always wondering.  That’s part of my fabric.  If you are reading this, you read the Winter 2015 Eden Escapades newsletter.  Thanks for doing so!  I’ve done a crash course in choosing a website hosting service, signed up, registered my domain, jumped into learning BoldGrid and WordPress for design.  

After three days, I’m launching edenescapades.com with the intent of blogging from Canyonlands.  But just getting this website running is a new adventure in itself.  I know that I will be thinking about how I can improve it, what can I add, what errors can I fix.

Now going from staging to active!  We are launched!  Be sure to return for Canyonland adventure updates.