Day 1

WOW with a capital W O W!  Day 1 was actually Tuesday but I was lacking technology to get this posted.  I should be in good shape now thought.

Of course did paperwork in the morning but spent the rest of the day split between the visitor center (VC) and a hike.  Beautiful blue skies again and in the 50’s.

Meeting everyone has been super.  I shadowed Robby at the front desk yesterday.  Very neat guy and not just because he likes pink flamingos.  He’s the social director of the group and also a super wit.  A potluck for everyone is held once the full crew is here.  And, it’s Italian with a viewing of The Gawdfadah (as Robby pronounces it).  Great timing…we are already discussing the menu!

Helped visitors with trail selection and camping options.  Our campground, Willow Flat, fills very early but there are options on BLM land or other campgrounds outside the park.  Hiked Murphy Point in the afternoon.  Easy hike with astounding views and I learned, with a permit, one can camp there.

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