No clue what week this is and more top 5!

Yup, it’s been a bit since I wrote on the blog.  Things have been a bit of a blur. One of our employees was involved in an accident on the White Rim road. Although he survived, he will have a long recovery.  We regularly remind visitors that this isn’t Disney World although not in those words.  No magical net will catch you.  No feat of mechanical engineering will save you from a fall.  Critters do bite and dehydration is real.

Our staff has been a bit strained and some have completed their assignments at CANY and moved to another position.  New people have come on board with the typical ramp up time.  But for all that has occurred this is still an amazing place. Some of the crew have been here several years and they provide a solid base of knowledge and lore!  Oh the stories we tell!

I’ll be wrapping up here after Memorial Day.  I was asked to stay on to help through the weekend.  After I accepted I started to hear how crazy it is at that time.  Hmmm… Reminds me of Tom Sawyer and that whitewashed fence!

For me, the visitor contact is a blast!  In my career I’ve had internal customers, corporate customers, and retail customers.  Having visitors is the best!  People are here on vacation and want to have a good time.  The grouches are few and far between and I remind myself they are tired from traveling.  Having received sincere thank you’s and hugs make my day.  The other day a visitor came back to tell me I had changed his life.  Really?  It was just a simple problem I solved.  One of my co-workers asked if I just received a marriage proposal!!

My road trip east is planned and starting June 6th.  Stopping at Mesa Verde and then across I-70.   Two nights in Shenandoah NP for a break of nightly stops and then onto Maine.  I can smell the ocean now.

Top 5!

5. Coyote crossing my path one morning.

4. Getting a campsite on Willow Flat here in CANY (which leads to the top 3)

3. Riding down the Shafer Trail into the canyon with Jim on our camping weekend

2. Climbing Whale Rock and noticing the seams of gold and pink rock where obvious dunes of different times settled

1. Sipping High West Rendezvous Rye whiskey with Jim at our campsite while watching the sunset over the Green River

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