No longer in Canyonlands

Well, the most amazing first long volunteer gig is over.  On June 1, I headed out of Canyonlands and back to SLC.  I won’t say it was difficult to leave for I knew I was headed back to Maine but there was definitely a pang or two while I was packing and loading the truck.

The crew gave me a wonderful goodbye party with lots of homemade food and Scott’s homemade beer.  I watched the sun set over a sea of pink penstemon wildflowers which filled the housing area at the end of May.  

Jim had planned a birthday party for his sons Nick and Ian and Nick’s wife Julie.  we had that on Sunday of that week. Monday we headed out for a cross-country roadtrip to get me back home.  Having Jim along made it a vacation instead of a 2700 mile dash to Maine.  We camped our way across the country with stops at Mesa Verde NP, state parks in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky, two nights in Shenandoah NP and a stop in Vermont to load up on Cabot cheese.  Mesa Verde was as stunning as I expected and warrants another visit with an extended stay,  we spied four bears in Shenandoah in one day, and on the Cabot cheese?  Well, you can never have enough of that!

Now back in Maine, I continue on house projects, garden projects and settling back in.  Not sure what will occur next but I’m confident I will know it when I see it.

For now I won’t be blogging until I figure out next steps.  However, the paper version of Eden Escapades continues with a Summer edition due out soon.

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting.

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