Week 1 and Top 5

Not a bad way to spend a work week.  Looking out the VC window I see the canyon and the LaSal mountains beyond.  Hikes or walks in the evening at my disposal.  Sunset out the living room window from my house.

Had a blast helping in the VC and explaining to folks my favorite hikes…just like I would ask when I visit a park.

Top 5 this week:

5.  Learning that you can get a pass to camp out on Murphy Point – only one spot allowed.

4.  Making my first visit to Dead Horse Point enjoying a pot luck St. Pat’s dinner with the NPS & DH crews

3.  Explaining to one gent that instead of $25 for this park entrance fee, he could spend $10 for a Senior Pass for the rest of his life and 1/2 off camping!  Are you sure???  Yup!

2.  Swearing in several Jr. Rangers and watching them beam when they get their badge.

1.  Staring at the stahs!  Wondrous stahs!

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