Week 2 and Top 5

My second week has already flown by.  Tue-Fri of last week were spent in all day training.  There were about 30 of us with people from Arches, Canyonlands (I-Sky, Needles and The Maze) and Natural Bridges.  The majority were first timers with several SCA’s coming in.  

SCA (this is the government after all so everything must have acronyms) is Student Conservation Association.  Students are introduced to the NPS.  They learn from NPS and NPS learns from them.  Approximately 12% of SCAs ultimately join NPS.

The knowledge of training presenters was impressive.  Scientists in geology, archaeology, raptors and finance.  And I couldn’t help but smile at the time that was dedicated to customer service.  The woman who heads the Interpretive team has a background in hotel management.

Speaking of women, I’m thrilled to see the number of women in management in this area.  From the superintendent for Arches and Canyonlands down two layers are women.  Great to see that!

I spent the weekend on duty in the VC.  Caught Easter sunrise at Mesa Arch and swore in a slew of Jr. Rangers.  They are all so serious about it except for one who told me that hiking was a waste of energy.  Talking to him, it’s clear he’s engineer bound.  I don’t see him signing up through SCA!

Top 5….

5.  Figuring out how I can get pictures through the NPS computer setup so I can post on the blog.  Stay tuned.

4.  Getting comfortable driving around Moab…found the library, post office and state liquor store.

3.  An evening walk with Lori while she tested out new shoes and bunnies scampered everywhere we walked.

2.  Knowing sunrise and sunset times from memory – I say and write them about 100 times a day.

1. Easter sunrise at Mesa Arch with many people but then a solo walk at White Rim Overlook!

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