Yikes! Already week 5 and Latest Top 5!

I know it looks like I skipped a week of updates but I was on the most phenomenal road trip and was nowhere close to electronics!  So here’s the latest update and the most recent top 5!

There is a road at Canyonlands (CANY) called White Rim (WR).  The mesa top of CANY is at 6,000′ elevation, the WR is 1,400′ below (approx 4,600 feet which is about the level of the SLC valley), and the Colorado and Green Rivers are another 700′ below the WR.  So…2,000 feet between the mesa and the rivers.  I know I mentioned this before but wanted you to have this fresh info.

The WR is 100 miles — 77 within the park and then 23 on BLM lands and back to the Visitor Center for the loop.  It is 4WD and high clearance only.  Think Jeep commercial!  It’s the best image to give you.

Five of us made the trip–Michael (my supervisor and manager at CANY), three SCA’s Erica, Hunter, Stacey and me!  We left last Tuesday the 14th (hence no blog update) and returned Thursday 16th.  There really aren’t enough words for this experience.  Wow, Jeepers, gorgeous, moving, wondrous all come to mind but they just don’t describe the area.

We all had assignments.  Mine was camp host–make sure we are set up and taken down and fed appropriately.  Gee, a natural for me.  Michael said it was the best food on any trips he’s been on.  Usually it’s canned soup!  Nope, we had homemade cinnamon buns (Hunter) and chocolate cake (me), pasta with chicken, beef and bean burritos, juice and eggs for breakfast.

It was a learning expedition as much as a fun trip.  We stopped at every campsite, toured various canyons and trails and watched to spot the overlooks above us in the park.  

I’ve ended up doing eight straight days working because of the WR trip.  Reminds me of my technology days!  Michael has asked if I would stay on for another couple of weeks to get them past Memorial Day!  Sure!  What an office, what an experience, what an adventure!

We took many pictures but only a few of my own. I don’t have everyone’s consolidated yet but will update the site as soon as I can.  Here’s a few below.  And the top 5 this week…

Top 5

5.  Being able to go on the WR Trip – VIPs (Volunteers) don’t usually get the opportunity

4.  The thrill of riding the switchbacks down 1,400 feet to the WR and then riding the road up and down and ultimately getting to the Green River.

3.  Pushing myself to walk across “toadstools” – tall rock columns rising from the canyon floor.  Several hundred feet between me and the bottom.  This was at Fort Bottom Ruins.

2.  The first morning waking before everyone to see the Big Dipper shining through the top vent of my tent.  I got up and watched the dipper fade as the sun rose.  Stunning in both directions.

1.  This pic of a family of Junior Rangers – doesn’t get much cuter than this!



And here’s the WR photos.  More to come.

Hunter and Erica
Hunter and Erica
Hunter and Stacey
Hunter and Stacey
Desert primrose - Michael says they turn pink after pollination because they are blushing.
Desert primrose – Michael says they turn pink after pollination because they are blushing.
Two of our five tents... me on the left
Two of our five tents… me on the left
Erica and me at White Crack
Erica and me at White Crack
Hunter tightening the load. We are on the canyon floor here
Hunter tightening the load. We are on the canyon floor here

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